Vegan Diet for Improved Mood and Productivity


21 studies showed a healthy diet is associated with lower levels of depression.

One study proved removing meat, fish, poultry and eggs improved mood greatly after 2 weeks. Vegetarians showed less tension, dejection, anger, fatigue and confusion. But what actually helped? Long term vegetarians have better antioxidant status. Eating a carbohydrate-rich, protein poor meal improved depression, tension, anger, confusion, sadness, fatigue, alertness and calmness.

In another study, overweight men and women were put into either low carb/high fat diet or high carb/low fat diet. Improvements in mood in high carb/low fat diet supports studies showing diets in high carbohydrates and low in fat/protein are associated with lower levels of anxiety and depression and have beneficial effects on psychological well-being.

The types of fats improved in vegetarian group. Their Arachidonic Acid (AA) intake fell to 0. AA is an inflammatory omega-6 fatty acid. Higher blood levels of AA were associated with higher rates of suicide risk and major depressive episodes. Highest exposure of AA found in chicken and eggs.

A 22 week study at an insurance company of overweight and diabetic employees had 2 groups. One group had weekly vegan instructions while the other had none. No portion size restrictions, no energy restrictions, no carb counting. Company cafeteria started offering daily options such as lentil soup, minestrone soup, veggie burgers, portobello mushroom sandwiches, salads, bean burritos, rice and beans. Vegan group had no meat, dairy, eggs, oils or junk and reported greater diet satisfaction vs. control group. More participants in vegan group reported improved digestion, increased energy, and better sleep versus control group at 22 weeks. Vegan group reported a significant increase in physical functioning, general health, vitality and mental health versus control group at 22 weeks. Study shows vegan diet may improve life and productivity at a low cost.

In a study of 10 corporate sites at Geico, same 22 week trial. Purpose? To see if vegan diet can improve depression, anxiety and productivity across all 10 corporate centers. Results were positive. Yes, there were significant improvements in depression, anxiety, fatigue, emotional well-being daily functioning improved versus control group.

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