Improving Mood Through Diet

Studies show vegetarians are significantly less depressed, as compared to healthy meat eaters. Why?

Fat and arachidonic acid, an omega 6 fatty acid, may explain the reason. Arachidonic acid produces inflammation in our brain. Omnivores ate 9 times as much arachidonic acid as vegetarians, which is not surprising since arachidonic acid is not found in plants. Study proves vegans and vegetarians have significantly lower levels of arachidonic acid in blood stream.

A study presented at American Public Health Association conference took meat eaters and split them into three groups. Control group ate regular diet of meat and flesh. A second group ate fish, but no other meat. Third group ate vegetarian diet with no eggs.

Whole study lasted two weeks. The egg free vegetarians significantly improved in depression, anxiety, stress and mood. The fish group did a little better than the meat group, but not by much. Study concluded that staying away from animal products will help omnivores with depression.

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