This course outlines why vegan, non-processed and whole foods are a cheap, safe and clinically proven treatment against depression.

Lesson 1: Be inspired.

lincoln-depressionRead the summary of, “Lincoln’s Melancholy, How Depression Challenged a President and Fueled His Greatness.

Homework: The book suggests depressed people have a few similarities in common, such as loss during adolescence (death of someone close), a rough childhood and depression that runs in the family. Do you see any similarities between Lincoln’s life and your own?

Begin Lesson 1.


Lesson 2: The science 


Read the summaries and watch videos of scientific studies on antioxidants, neurotransmitters, fish consumption/suicide, aspartame and improving mood through diet.

Homework: What fruits and vegetables do you enjoy? Think of a few variations you can use as snacks during the day. Think of 5 different snacks.

Begin Lesson 2: Antioxidants

Begin Lesson 2: Neurotransmitters

Begin Lesson 2: Fish Consumption and Suicide

Begin Lesson 2: Aspartame and the Brain

Begin Lesson 2: Improving Mood

Begin Lesson 2: Animal Products

Begin Lesson 2: Happiness and Health

Lesson 3: Exercise

exerciseClinical trials show that exercise has the benefit of reducing depression as do pharmaceutical drugs, without the harmful effects of drugs.

Homework: Look at the different suggestions of exercises. These exercises can be done anywhere and without any equipment. Make a habit of exercising at least 3 times a week. Which exercises will you do this week?

Begin Lesson 3: Exercise and Drugs

Lesson 3: Exercise Suggestions

Lesson 4: Mental Health

mental-healthOur body and mind are one and cannot be separated. Body posture, breathing, thoughts, meditation, and visualization help overcome stress.

  • Posture can have a huge impact on how we feel, just as how we feel is often betrayed by our posture.
  • Breathing deserves our full attention. Breath is the basic condition of life.
  • Mental attitude can be a friend or foe. Your thoughts and ideas can reprogram your entire mood and feelings.
  • Meditation allows us to find a little stillness, calm, clarity and peace. Meditation allows us to escape reality for a little bit.
  • The purpose of visualization is to see yourself as you wish to be, happy, healthy and full of life.

Begin Lesson 4: Body Posture

Begin Lesson 4: Breathing

Begin Lesson 4: Mental Attitude

Begin Lesson 4: Meditation

Begin lesson 4: Visualization

Lesson 5: Why non-processed, whole vegan food?

chemical-agricultureIn this tutorial, you will learn about chemical agriculture, trans fat, high fructose corn syrup, food addictive and pharmaceutical drugs, and how non-processed vegan foods keep healthy.

Lesson 5: Chemical Agriculture

Lesson 5: Trans fat

Lesson 5: High Fructose Corn Syrup

Lesson 5: Food Additives

Lesson 5: Pharmaceutical Drugs


Lesson 6: The food

baked-potatoes-baby-arugula-baked-asparagus-cherry-tomatoesThese are examples of non-processed delicious food for snacking, breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Lesson 6: View the foods.